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» Naperville Family Dentist Says Flossing is Critical for the Health of Your Mouth
According to Naperville family dentist Dr. Chiann Gibson, even when your mouth is clean there may be bacteria lurking, and that is why flossing is so important for a patient’s dental health.
» School Spotlight: UGA senior Kyle Thomas Glasser speaks to Blogger Venue about the University of Georgia
Blogger Venue recently had a chance to sit down with several students across the nation to learn what makes their school the best. In today’s interview, Kyle Thomas Glasser talks about UGA campus life.
» Dr. Jerry M. Foster: Who Are the People In Your Neighborhood?
Most of us old enough to remember – or old enough to admit it – remember Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers. According to Dr. Jerry M. Foster, those shows had two things in common: neighbors.
» Dr. Jerry Michael Foster MD Discusses Melanoma Treatments and Therapies
Oncologist Dr. Jerry Michael Foster MD reports that melanoma is the most deadly form of skin disease. Most people know that melanoma is linked to excessive exposure to the sun, says Dr. Jerry Michael Foster MD, as well as other forms of ultraviolet radiation.
» William Howland MD Discusses Common Texas
Anyone living in Austin, as Dr. William Howland has for many years, has learned to accept allergies as a part of life.

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